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What the U.S. Can Learn from Israel on Facing Domestic Terror

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http://nypost.com — (New York Post) Danny Danon -
Like all democracies, we stand with our friends in America and France during these tragic times. Israel owes a special debt of gratitude to these great countries, which were our earliest supporters from the moment that we declared our independence in 1948.
After the tragic attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, we are fully committed to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with our allies in this common battle against Islamic terrorism. Israel's security and intelligence forces are already working closely with their U.S. and French counterparts in a variety of ways.
It's time for liberal democracies to learn from Israel's proven track record and implement anti-terror policies that succeed in keeping innocent civilians safe. Intelligence capabilities must be improved. No country should be waiting for an attack, but rather ensuring that eyes and ears on the ground enable security services to apprehend potential terrorists before they attack.
Good intelligence allows for cutting off funding to terrorists, apprehending the heads of the organizations instead of lowly foot soldiers, and stopping hateful incitement breeding another generation of terrorists. The writer is Israel's Ambassador to the UN.
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