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Tennessee Governor Finds "an Entire Country on a Mission"

Posted by JCOPrss 1015 days ago Jewish World News| tennessee governor finds an entire country mission All
http://www.tennessean.com — (The Tennessean) Jordan Buie -
Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam told members of the Nashville Jewish community on Tuesday about his trade mission this summer to Israel with his family and members of the Nashville business community. "If somebody said, 'What's the main thing that impressed you about Israel?' It would be this: It is an entire country that is on a mission," Haslam said.
"It is an entire country that understands, 'Here's why we are here, and here's why it matters.' It is the only place I have ever been where everyone, from that person driving your van to your waiter in your restaurant to a businessperson you talk to, understood that there was a bigger purpose going on for everyone in Israel, rather than just what's happening with their family and their job."
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