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After One Kidnapped Israeli Teen Phoned Police, They Were Ordered to Lower Heads, Then Shot by Hamas Terrorists

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http://www.forbes.com — (Forbes) Richard Behar -
"They just released the tape of Gil-Ad Shaer [one of the three Israeli schoolboys abducted and murdered by Hamas terrorists] as he called the police to report the kidnapping," Shahar Azani, the Consul for Media Affairs at Israel's Consulate General in New York, tells Forbes. "You hear him say 'I was kidnapped' and then a loud noise and shouts and then only the radio. You could hear the Hamas terrorists tell them to lower their heads and hands. They were probably shot there and then, and then buried hastily as they were sure the police were behind them after that call."
"What about the Palestinians themselves? When will someone rise there and speak up for peace and tolerance? For the love of children and the joy of being alive? For outreach and good neighborly relations? When will we really find a partner?"
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