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Hamas Has Changed the Rules, and Israel Will Respond Forcefully to Gaza Barrage

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https://www.haaretz.com — (Haaretz) Amos Harel -
Since the end of March, when the mass Palestinian demonstrations began along the Gaza border, Hamas has refrained from launching rockets and has prohibited other organizations in the Strip from carrying out revenge attacks so as not to harm the narrative of a popular Palestinian struggle against Israel snipers.
Hamas had demonstrated its firm control in recent months and directed the demonstrations on the Israeli border as it wished.
A change occurred in the past several days. On Sunday, after the IDF responded to an explosive charge placed near the border fence, an army tank fired and killed three Islamic Jihad operatives who were near the targeted Hamas outpost.
Today, the leadership of Hamas gave the go-ahead, or at least turned a blind eye, to the firing of rockets. It is reasonable to assume that the Israeli reaction will be relatively harsh and will also include Hamas targets.
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